Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing # 22

And Justice There is None

A Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Mystery, Book 8
by Deborah Crombie

Well this is the book that I listened to on PC Plus.

Just to tell you about this experience:
I downloaded the appropiate programs on my PC at home. The only problem I had was that I am having sound card issues. But I did it at home just to see if it would work. & it did! I browsed fro the OCL website & also from Listen NJ.
This was an extremely easy program to use.
I'm glad that I bumped into Betsy & she told me she would be up on PC Plus to let anyone on to finish thing# 22. I did & she pointed out some interesting options using this program such as speeding up or slowing down the rate which the narrator speaks, skipping over a segment, burning to a CD ( if allowable).
Since I listen to audiobooks all the time on my antiquated Sony discman, I can't wait to use my MP3 player. You can also download music as well.

Thing # 23

OK so where is the party?????

Well I did learn a number of technical things that I didn't know even existed. The thing that I loved is the youtube or podcasts ( I know these have been here for awhile & I have viewed some of the humorous ones) but I love the fact that they are mini videos. You can actually learn something from a youtube, when you want to view it. I also liked Listen NJ. I had known about it but just did not get into it.
This whole lesson has actually brought some of us in circ closer. We were actually helping, encouraging each other to finish a thing. Teamwork is a beautiful thing & challenge.

The only thing I did not like was the sandbox. As I said in my blog, I didn't understand it or see the need for it.

I know that & youtube & podcasts & technorati are being used by library staff right now.

This entire project has opened my eyes & made me feel competent in our ever-changing technical world.

& Thank goodness I was able to keep all my passwords the same !!
A special thanks to Glynnis & Betsy for all the encouragements to start me off & keep me going.
Also a special thanks to Marie for also pushing me to finish & Linda Lido for the feedback & letting me know what was in store for me as I plogged(blogged??) ahead.
Thanks OCL for challenging this old brain.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing # 13

1 bicycles
2 colleges
14 imported
3 mail
2 running
2 shopping
1 vacation
Last year I took a class, during staff development day on These are my tags from 25 websites that I researched.I found it to be a useful tool as far as categorizing websites that I am interested in. I also looked at the oclwebthings account & thought it would be very useful for the ya dept as far as reading lists or programming.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thing # 19

This was on the 2.0 web awards & while I am not a cocktail person I always feel that I do not know how to mix drinks if having a party at my house. Rather than look up individual recipes, you can list ingredients that you have in stock & then click on suggest. The recipe will then tell you what you need to add to your list (as what you need to purchase). Not that I have parties all the time, it is a handy tool if you feel inadequate in the drink mixology area.

I have used some of the other award winners in various catagories such as :bloglines, google maps, flickr, picasa & igoogle. I have personalized my igoogle page with all sorts of widgets.
& I did play around with some of the sites listed in the award winners. Some are useful & some I would never use.

Thing # 21

This is a videocast (podcast) of a quilting video. It was rather easy to do . Almost like thing #20.The interview is with Sue Nickels & she talks about various topics: such as making a Beatles quilts with her friends, techniques on machine quilting & her books.
I was never a fan of videocasts, but as an instructional tool, I think it's great!

Thing # 20

Well in keeping with my theme of quilting, I found ( no big surprise) a video on machine quilting with Shelley. Actually I always associated youtube with embarassing or funny videos. I would never think about using it as a tutorial. Glad I learned about it. It was very short but informative.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thing # 16

Well I went tothe Library Success & I found it very useful in discovering what a wiki is. I like the fact that you can gather info on recommended reading & the programming suggestions were very good as well.
The only thing I did not like is (not sure if I got this right) is that someone can delete what you have written. Is that correct??

So in keeping with my quilting theme I went to a quilt wiki:
& found it very interesting. Makes me want to visit other wikis as well.